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Vanished, Pancakes and Valentines #littleloves

What a busy week. There has been no half term for us, as although I work in a nursery we are all year round. I have managed to get out slightly earlier a couple of times though and then caught up with any paperwork once Olivia has gone to bed.

Talking of bed we have changed her routine a bit this week so that she now goes to bed earlier. She had started to be a bit of madam in the mornings but so far this seems to be doing the trick. It just means that we have to start the bedroom routine pretty much as soon as we get home.

But we have still managed to squeeze in lots of lovely things, so grab yourself a drink and take a look at our little loves this week.


After finish The Olive Tree, a book that would make a fantastic film. I dug out my kindle and had a browse of all the books that I have downloaded over time. I Finally decided to make a start on reading Vanished by Tim Weaver. This book is part of the David Raker series and already I am hooked. I’ve got a feeling their are going to be lots of twists and turns as the story unfolds.


I’ve not really watched much TV over the last week apart from the usual soaps. I have been opting to read rather than start a new series on Netflix. We did however watch the first episode of Survival of the Fittest. I can’t say I was that taken though and haven’t bothered tuning in since.


Since a colleague was singing Feel It Still by Portugal. The man it has been stuck in my head and I have now given in and downloaded it. It’s such a feel good catchy song.


This week was all about the pancakes. I have to say that I think this years were the best ones I have made to date. Olivia sure liked tucking in to hers that I held melted marshmallows on to.


Some work out clothes as we have started to do some home work-outs agin this week. I have also been sporting this red glittery nail varnish for Valentines day.


As we had opted to stay in for Valentines Day I picked us up a M&S meal deal that we devoured. They are so worth the money. Even Adam commented on how nice our dinner was and hinted that he would like the same on a Sunday instead of a roast dinner.

This weekend I’m hoping the sunshine of the last two days sticks around so that we can get ourselves out for a little adventure.

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7 thoughts on “Vanished, Pancakes and Valentines #littleloves”

  1. Oh we got the Valentine’s Marks and Spencer meal deal and it was so lovely!! I love the colout of nail vanish – I need to buy a few new ones think! Have a great weekend #littleloves

  2. My kindle is full to the brim of books I’ve downloaded and never got around to reading. I did think of imposing a ban on buying any more books until I’ve read the ones I have but I can’t resist as shiny new book! I do love an M&S meal deal! Hope you’re having a good weekend x

  3. Oh gosh, I came across the Survival of the Fittest show the other day and could feel my brain melting while I was watching it! It’s no Love Island that’s for sure.
    I love those M&S deals, I think I’ll get one this weekend. Yum x

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