The Truth about IG

I have a real love hate relationship with Instagram. The social platform should be used to support others and spread some positively but a lot of the time it’s used to shame and judge.

I have no problem with bloggers that use IG to share ad’s. After all we have to make a living somehow. If you have been chosen to work with a brand no matter how small or big good on you.

We just have to remember that no amount of followers tell you what the person behind the account is really like and if they are a good parent. And also that those little squares rarely tell the full picture. That person could be going through a 101 things behind the scenes that we are non the wiser to.

The small business are what makes IG for me though, now that I’m more clued up on the ways in which they work.

Brand rep and enthuasist searches are very popular with these small businesses. The idea is you enter your little one into the search and then the shop owner chooses a team to promote them, in return you receive a discount code and maybe the odd freebie. You do usually have to make a minimum of orders during the set period. Sounds great right but it’s actually a rather strategic move by the shop. They are now gurenteed a monthly income from the 12 brand reps and enthusiasts. They don’t really care about your children or how many followers you have but they do care about how much they think you are going to spend.

I rigorously shopped small for Olivia’s clothes from when she was a newborn up until she was around one. Much to the disagreement of my bank balance. Also entering her in many searches along the way but that has all now changed. Now I only enter her for searches of shops that we generally love and have followed for a while. The people behind these shops truelly care about Olivia and I have met some lovely mummies along the way.

The important thing about IG is to just do you, be yourself and take everything that anyone has to say with a pinch of salt.

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