Potty Training Progress

We started the pre-training stage of potty training a couple of weeks ago, totally taking Olivia’s lead but so far so good.


Over the weekend she did all of her poo’s on the potty. If i saw her trying to go i would ask if she wanted to go on the potty and each time she said yes I sat her on there. During the week she has said no a couple of times and rather than trying to persuade her i have left her to do it in her nappy. I want potty training to be at her own pace, to ensure that she is ready.

I have seen so many people rush into potty training because their child is turning 2 and then become frustrated and give up because their child has so many accidents.

Then today she saw somebody else using a potty and asked to go herself. This time she did her first wee. I really couldn’t be prouder, but at the the same time i find myself a little sad. Potty training is another huge milestone and at not quite 2 she seems to be grasping it already.

What happened to our tiny baby who’s nappies would explode everywhere?

Why do our children have to grow up so quickly?

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