Olivia at 21 Months

I cant believe that in just 3 months we are going to be celebrating your 2nd Birthday.

Where has the time gone?



Your still in 12-18 or 18-24 months clothes and size 5 nappies. Your hair continues to grow super fast and you get cross when it falls in your face so often have it up.

Potty Training

We have started the pre-training stage of potty training and have already had some successes. 9 times out of 10 at home you will now do your poo’s on the potty and the other day you did your first wee. What a clever little thing.



Your attitude and behaviour have really changed over the last week or so. You have been a bit poorly so we put it down to that to begin with but now there really is no excuse. You are quite a little madam at the moment, the tantrums are coming thick and fast. Maybe its the terrible two’s coming early?

You cry because you want something, we give it to you and then you cry because you don’t want it. We just cant seem to win. We are being very firm with you so hopefully this will be a stage that passes very quickly.


When you do decide to eat without a fuss your still not really a great meat eater at home, but always seem to eat it at nursery. You still like your fruit and veg but pizza and pasta are still your favourites – girl after my one heart.


You continue to sleep through the night and will often now ask for bed when you are tired. Some mornings when you wake up you will lie in your bed calling me but other mornings you will play with the toys in your room or sit looking at your books. Most mornings during the week i have to wake you up to go to nursery but at the weekends you will often lay in until half past 8 or later.


Mark-making is still your biggest love, whether its in one of your notebooks or on your whiteboard. You know where your pens, pencils and paper are kept and will get them yourself to lay on the floor and draw.

You also enjoy playing with you toot toot city, especially the chicken coop.


No matter how much of a hard time you give us at the moment, we couldn’t be prouder of the clever little girl that you are.

Every day you surprise us with the new things that you learn.




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