Olivia at 20 months

I’m pretty sure you have had another growth spurt, you seem to be getting taller and taller. I’m going to invest in a height chart so that i can mark your height each month. You are such a cheeky little lady at times but more often than not really sweet and caring.


Your hair has got quite long, it just about goes up into the ponytail. Everybody says how grown up and cute that you look with your hair up. You have a little scar on the end of your nose from were you fell out of the show box and had a carpet burn, i think it a couple more months you wont be able to see it at all.img_4992

Your currently wearing 12-18 and 18-24 months clothes depending on where it is from. You have just gone in to size 5 nappies, this was more because they didn’t have any 4+ in stock as they do still fit you.


You have a really appetite for the moment. Breakfast is defiantly your favourite meal of the day. You have at least one bowl of cereal in the mornings sometimes followed by a crumpet or scrambled and beans. Pasta, pizza and chicken mayo sandwiches are still you favourite foods. You seem more open to trying different foods at nursery than you are home.


You are a cheeky little madam, especially when it comes to getting dressed. You think its hilarious to run away from me shouting no so that you can sit and look at your books. But other times you take clothes out of your drawers or nursery bag and put them on over the clothes you are already wearing, everything event tops get put on your legs.

You generally a happy little lady unless you are tired or hungry, you are getting much better at telling us what you want. Although you do need reminding to use your words.


You are still sleeping through the night. I recently moved your bedroom around to give you more playing space and since then you have been sleeping side ways in your bed. You usually still have two naps a day, both in the afternoon. Your naps range from two half an hour to hour naps or one long one which can be up to 3 hours.


You love driving crashing your electric car that you got for Christmas into all of the furniture. You still really like books, which is something that i want to encourage as i also love reading.img_5174

Mark-making is also a big hit, you love drawing on your new white board and chalk board, making marks in play dough and panting. You can now open the cupboard doors on the dresser in the front room and often get out your pencils and paper yourself.

And the kitchen that we got for your Christmas was definitely a good investment, you love to make us plates of food and tip your juice into the cups to drink from.



You are continually learning new words, we really have to watch what we say in front of you now. We never know what you are going to come out with next.

Every day you make us so proud and we love watching you grow but at the same time we don’t want you to get any bigger.  



6 thoughts on “Olivia at 20 months”

  1. Omg! I’m having serious hair envy! My daughter is 13 Months and got a kitchen set for Christmas too. We haven’t set it up yet as we’ll be moving soon but I’m glad your daughter likes hers. She’s beautiful! 💜

  2. She is such a cutie. Good to know I have a little while longer before my youngest starts picking up everything I say. I think I’ll be putting a kitchen on her list for next Christmas too.

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