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Living Arrows – 36/52

I’ve really missed taking part in Living Arrows over the last few months. Olivia-May has changed so much. Why do our children have to grow up so quickly?

We have been making the most of the weekend sunshine and enjoying some family days out recently. We have had a great time exploring some new places as a family and it has been nice not worrying about the piles of washing and over mundane jobs that so often take over our lives.

Olivia-May’s highlight from our days our have probably been playing in the various water fountains/splash parks. No matter were we go she always seems to find some kind of water to play in. This weeks photo comes from our visit to Worchester at the weekend.

On our way back to the car we stumbled up on these water fountains. Seeing the other children playing in them Olivia-May was eager to join in. Before we knew if she was stripped down to her nappy and having a great time.

She has always been such a water baby. It’s great to see her so confident around water. I definitely think the swimming lessons that we did when she was a baby were worth it.

It may not of been the day that we originally had planned but we made the most of it and still got to enjoy some family fun.


Living Arrows
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