Living Arrows 16/52

This little lady has been adorable this week. Even though I have had to wake her up for nursery each day, she has been in such a good mood. This weeks photo comes from Thursday morning, when we were actually rather organised and had time to play before we had to leave the house.

She’s growing up so fast. She has such a big personally. Usually very stubborn but also really funny. At the moment she loves playing hide and seek and making people laugh. I have a feeling she might be a bit of a class clown when she grows up. Her laugh is just so infectious.┬áDays like this one are the best and they are a lot more common than the bad ones. Lets just hope that it continues.


Living Arrows
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3 thoughts on “Living Arrows 16/52”

    1. It was lovely getting to spend quality time together. Its horrible when it comes to an end and we have to get back into the work/nursery routine. I hope you had a great easter.

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