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Fun in the Sun – Living Arrows 15/52

The sun was shining bright this weekend. Which meant lots of outdoor fun for us and a couple of firsts for Olivia.

This weeks photo comes from our visit to the park yesterday. Whilst toddling around Olivia fell over and cut her first cut knee. And didn’t we know about it. Its safe to say we are brining up a drama queen. Well to be far to her she initially got over it quite quickly. But then Adam made the mistake of asking how her knee was. This started off the cries of ‘knee knee’ repeatedly for the whole walk back to the car.

Tp cheer her up and cool us all down we decided to stop off at the milk shake shop. As a very special treat she was allowed to have her first very own milkshake. This is when i made the mistake of letting her try mine and subsequently had to swap with her. She was happy again though and he little cut knee was all forgotten about.


Living Arrows
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