Coloured Spaghetti

Looking for a fun way of learning colours and exploring. Then look no further.

fullsizeoutput_7bfColoured spaghetti is so easy to make.

I started off by cooking some spaghetti until it was tender but not totally soft and squidgy. I then separated it into three bowls and added the food colouring. To ensure the food colouring didn’t transfer to Olivia’s hands i then put the spaghetti into the oven for 15 minutes to dry in out, the time needed in the oven will depend on how much food colouring you have used.

I then put the coloured spaghetti into a tray with he plastic butterfly for Olivia to explore. She was so excited when she saw the bright colours and got stuck straight in.

IMG_6049.JPGAs she played we talked about the colours of the spaghetti, i also gave her some of her pots and pans that she enjoyed emptying and filling.

This activity can be adapted in so many ways, adding glitter or flavourings to the spaghetti, introducing tweezers to try and pick the spaghetti up with or even hiding numbers for a number hunt.

We kept the spaghetti overnight and the next day she was just as excited to play with it.

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