Weekend Box Review

Olivia get’s so excited when she see’s her weekend box has arrived.

We have always done lots of crafts at home but they tend to revolve around painting which is why I was eager to trying something new out with her.

We get a monthly bumper  subscription box for £8.95, which contains the following –

  • The resources for four fun activities, with the themes of make, bake, explore and green
  • Loyalty stickers to add to your sticker chart
  • An added activity on the inside of the box, totally utilising the packaging
  • An instruction book where you can add the additional stickers once you have completed each activity

Some activities do require you to have some resources of your own, such as scissors, a pencil, toilet roll tube, a saucepan for the the cooking activity. All things that you are likely to already have at home. To avoid your child being disappointed that you don’t have the additional resources you need when your box arrives you get an email before its delivery. This is perfect for allowing you to make sure that your prepared.

The theme for this months box was outer space and the first activity saw us making some moon bites. Armed with the peanut butter that we had already purchased when I received the email we got to work in the kitchen. These were super easy to make and got devoured while we moved on to the crafts.

The two craft activities were making a telescope, using the toilet roll tube that we added and making a rocket picture. At 3 Olivia needed a little help with the cutting out of the shapes but apart from that she created both her telescope and rocket picture independently.

The final activity in this months box was to plant some cress seeds in two different containers. Olivia loved watching how the soil palettes soaked up the water and broke up. Once we had then added the seeds we placed one in a dark place and one in the window sill for us to check back on and see how they are growing.

With all the activities completed in was then time to head into the garden for a but of spying with the telescope. We have also had to do this serval times since.

Although we do have a lot of craft activities and I work with children so am quite good at coming up with craft ideas we both really love the weekend boxes. Olivia loves the fact that she gets her own post and the fact that pretty much everything you need is in the box makes life so much easier. There’s no need to go hunting down resources. I definitely recommend the boxes and will be carrying on with our subscription until she gets bored of them.


*as stated we have a monthly weekendbox subscription, we were not gifted the box and aren’t working with them in any way. We just love the product so much and wanted to share it with you.
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