Sofa Sunday Film Marathon

Days when you can just laze around on the sofa watching films all day are far and few in-between when you have a 19 month old but today has been one of them. After drinking copious amounts of wine last night it’s safe to say i have been suffering with a bit of a sore head and Olivia has also been a bit out of sorts.

There where three films that have been on my watch list since they came out in the cinema Trolls, The Secret Life of Pets and Girl on the Train.


After really looking forward to this film it actually took me a little while to get into it. I wouldn’t say its as good as Shrek, which was made by the same people but it was good enough to watch all the way through to the end. It actually reminded me of The Smurfs Movie.

The Secret Life of Pets 

This was a great film, really funny and engaging. It even held Olivia’s attention for a while, she loves cats and dogs. The film captures the unique relationship between pets and their owners as well as with the different cities. It stems from the same idea as Toy Story, giving us an insight of what the toys and our pets get up to when we are going about our every day lives.

Girl on The Train

After reading the book i really wanted to see this film. I have heard mixed reviews but i was not disappointed. It is a bit strange though that they decided to set the film in New York when the book is based in London.


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