Nurture fruity water+ review

We have a cupboard full of no spill/leak cups for Olivia and guess what they all leak. I’ve given up taking her a drink when we go out for the day now as the contents of her bag always end up soggy or she ends up a sticky mess where she squeezes pouches/cartons all over herself.

I now just tend to buy something while we are out but a lot of juices and even ready made smoothies for children are so high in sugar. When i came across Nurture Immunity I was eager to try out their water + fruit juice pouches with new and improved no spill spout.

img_4488Nurture Immunity was created by Lucie and Derek Saunders who were inspired by their three children. Nurture Water Fruity+ is enriched with 7 vitamins and only contains natural sugars from the fruit used. It also contains Wellmune Beta Glucan which is clinically proven to naturally strengthen key immune cells that help to keep the body healthy. You can find out more about the Science behind the drink on the Nurture Immunity Website.

There are currently two flavours Strawberry & Cherry and Orange & Pineapple. I managed to encourage Olivia to let me try them both and I really liked the flavours although the Strawberry & Cherry was my favourite.img_4485

As though the benefits to our children’s immunity isn’t enough the no spill spout is a real winner. Olivia gave the pouch a good old squeeze and none of the juice managed to escape. The only mess she got in was when she decided to show me it in her mouth.

The Nurture Water Fruity+ drinks are currently stocked at Ocado, Holland & Barrat and Boots. I for one will definitely be picking some up for when we are out and about.


*although we received these drinks for review purposes all opinions are that of our own.
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