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Meal Plan Mondays

Meal Plan Monday #1

Every Sunday I sit down and write the following weeks meal plan. Having it written down definitely gives me a focus and keeps me on track.

I like to plan Monday to Sunday so that on a weekend I can go out and get anything that I need for the week ahead. If I don’t do this I find that I end up at the supermarkets everyday. Cooking from scratch isn’t much fun when you haven’t planned ahead and end up not having half of the ingredients that you need.

Here’s a plan for my week ahead, all of which are slimming world friendly –

Monday – Beef Ragu

Tuesday – Cheesy Chicken and Bacon Pasta

Wednesday – Cajun Dirty Rice

Thursday – Ham and Pepper Omelette, SW Chips and Baked Beans

Friday – Chicken and Sweetcorn Calzone

Saturday and Sunday this week we are going to be away hence there being nothing planned for those two days.

I have home-made soup ready for my lunches at work and mugshots as a back up plan. With plenty of fruit, yogurt and 10 cal jelly for snacking. With the odd treat thrown in for good measure.

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