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Working on a Healthier Me – The Importance of Exercise

Ever since senior school i have gone through phases of falling in and out of love with exercise. Joining gyms, going for a few weeks or months if i was lucky and then not bothering.

I had done a number of charity walks and then before falling pregnant with Olivia-May i got quite into running. When i say quite into running i actually completed the London Marathon. Don’t get to excited though my finishing time wasn’t anything to shout about.

Fast forward a year and half and there i was with a newborn baby at my heaviest. Whilst pregnant i had taken the whole ‘eating for two’ to the extreme and piled on two stone. For the next two years i then continued to go through phases of eating healthy and exercising. But now i have got myself back into a exercise regime and i’m actually enjoying it.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not like the average cool fit girl, with a 6 pack and the perfect abs. I have never been that girl and never will be. I would love to be but no matter how much effort i put in that is never going to be the chase. My face goes to beetroot red for a start when i get hot.

But after finding myself in a bit of a slump, tired pretty much all the time with no motivation, I’ve now come out the other side. I have so much more energy and actually look forward to doing a home work out each night after Olivia-May has gone to bed.


I’m now back to my post baby weight but not quite at my 10 stone target yet. Its in reaching distance though and i will get there. Here are my top 6 reasons for getting fitter –

Be More Productive 

I have so much more energy. I’d got into a routine of coming home from work and lounging on the sofa until bedtime. Followed by getting up the next day and repeating the same routine. But now the washing pile its smaller and the house is tidier. I’ve also been getting more work done.

Exercise is fun and Enjoyable 

Yes it really is. I find mixing things up with different work outs a great way of keeping it enjoyable. Otherwise i just get stuck in rut and get bored of doing that ‘same old workout again’. 

Reduce Anxiety and Depression 

Exercise is a great mood elevator to help manage stress and improve your mod. 

Strengthen your Immune System 

I very rarely get ill. Maybe the odd cough and cold here and there but i literally can’t remember the last time that i had a sickness bug. And i work with children so that’s pretty good going. In the four years i have worked for my current company i haven’t had a single day off sick. 

Reach Your Potential 

Your just not you best if your not in shape. When your in great shape you are the best version of. Not because of how you look but because it helps improve your mental and motional state.

Prolong Life 

We all want to live longer, right? So that we can see our children grow up and mature. Maybe even see them have children of their own. 

So there you have it my top 6 reasons to get fitter. Are there any reasons that are partially motivational to you?

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