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Getting back into routine and finding a balance

And I’m back.

After totally abandoning the blog over the last two months. It’s been a really busy time for us but we are now getting back into a routine. I think routine is just as important for us grown-ups/parents as it is children.

peppa pig world

May was such a busy month for us with Olivia’s and Adams birthday’s just days apart. We enjoyed a great day out at Peppa Pig World on Olivia’s birthday and then on Adam’s birthday after roller skating for had family and friends over for a bit of a get together. The last couple of weeks of May saw us organising all the last details for our wedding, shopping for holiday bits and trying to pack without forgetting anything important.

Before we knew it June was up on us and it was time to head to Cyprus, where we would be getting married and spending a two week holiday with family and friends. I was really worried about how Olivia would be on the flight this year as she struggles to stay still for very long but she was so good. Ok we played a bit of musical chairs as she kept changing her mind about who she wanted to sit next to but there were no major breakdowns.

After a few days of tying together the last of the loose ends for the wedding, enjoying some chill time in the sun and another stag/hen night out our wedding day was finally here. On the 8th June I married my best friend. Everything was absolutely perfect. We stayed out in Cyprus for another week after the wedding enjoying the sunshine.

It was soon time to come home though, not that any of us felt ready. The two weeks went so fast, i find it always does when you are on holiday. We got back in the early hours of the Sunday but hadn’t thought about booking the Monday off of work. In hindsight we really could of done with the day to get back on her feet. During that first week back i felt like i just about got done what needed, anything else could wait for another day.

The past week thought, even though its been a busy one, i feel like we are finally getting back into a routine. Olivia is now back to going to bed at her normal time, i’m doing all of the morning drop offs and then whichever one of Adam and I finish work earlier will then pick her up.

I’ve also just started my Level 5 Diploma in Leadership for Healthy and Social Care and Children and Young People’s Services. I’m now two assignments in, so far so good. I have been mainly been doing the work when Olivia is sleeping but on the odd occasion i have had to do some on the weekend Adam has been keeping her entertained.

The only things to get back on track now our the blog and our eating. We were eating such healthy meals before going away but have been eating so badly since being back. Its been all about convenience.

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