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A New Year a New Set Of Goals

I still can’t quite believe that it’s 2018. 2017 passed by in such a blur.

Now I’m not one for all that new year new me. But I do however thing its good to set yourself some realistic goals. This year is all about discovering me again and concentrating on the most important people in my life.

Rediscover me

I’ve always loved clothes and shoes. But since having Olivia this love has all been focused on her. She’s genuinely walking around looking all cool and chic while I’m wondering around in clothes from years gone by. I really want to update my wardrobe and try out some new styles and find clothes that really suit me.

Get a Decent Hair Cut

I grew all my layers out last year for our wedding and since then just constantly have my hair up as it has no shape to it. I haven’t decided on a style yet but I want to get myself booked in for a decent cut and restyle.

More Family Time

Not just the three of us but with our extended family too. Its so nice seeing Olivia playing with her cousins, I definitely want them to grow up close. But also with our other family members who absolutely adore Olivia.

Read at least 11 books

I’ve set myself a good reads challenge again this. Last years 10 books was a close call but I managed it so this year I upped the anti slightly. So if you have any good book recommendations leave them in the comments.

Complete my Level 5 Early

I would love to get my level 5 finished by September, three months early. That way when we hopefully go away at the end of September it will be like a little celebration and I can relax for the last few months of the year.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

Since having Olivia my weight has yoyo’d. Like so many others. This year I want to get down to my target weight and maintain it. Getting fit along the way and becoming strong not skinny.

So there you have it my 6 goals for 2018. Nothing to taxing and totally achievable. Have you set yourself any goals?

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