6 Things From Your Childhood Your Children Will Never Understand

For better or worse modern technology has changed life a lot. There are so many things that children of today will never experience or understand.

1. Rewinding a VHS

Our children will never have the pain of rewinding a VHS of their favourite film to get to their favourite seen. Or of it had been recorded off of the TV to get through the adverts.

2. Recording the top 40

Having to get the timings just right so that you could record the top 40 that week. How were you going to find out what was number 1 otherwise?

3. The Dial up Tone

Oh how the internet has changed. That strange morse code sound will be forever etched into my memories. Then when you would finally get connected and be half way through your MSN messenger conversation it would crash. But even worse than that the fact that you would have a very limited as being on the internet met that the phone line was out of use.

4. Having to carefully plan your tv schedule

Every week we would get the TV guide in the paper and TV programmes would have to be carefully planned. There was no pausing, streaming, Netflix or Amazon prime. If there wasn’t anything good on you would just have to go to local video rental, usually a blockbuster, and hire out some videos.

5. Using an encyclopaedia to finish your homework

There was no google search then, if you needed to know something then it was time to get your books out and look it up.

6. Discovering you have just paid for photos of your fingertips and people with their heads chopped off

The excitement of your freshly printed photos landing on your door mat after a 3-7 day wait would often turn to disappoint.

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