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the secret life of a 18 month old


Start shouting as loud as possible ‘mum mummy mumumumum’ she’s the weakest link so it’s always best to start with her name. When nobody comes its time to start with the crying with the odd ‘momma’ thrown in for good measure. If they thought rummaging around to find my dummy and giving it back to me was going to make everything better they couldn’t be more wrong. Now it’s time to turn the volume up. Here comes one of them again, now I’m being carried into mummy and daddy’s room.

This big bed is so much comfier than mine especially when i lay with my feet in mummy back and my head on daddy’s shoulder.


Surely they have had enough sleep by now and I’m getting hungry. If i wriggle around a bit more, call their names and give them a cheeky smile they will get up and take me down for some breakfast.

8:00 am

They have finally realised that i mean business and i’m now being carried down stairs. I go to the cupboard to choice my cereal and then sit in my chair to eat. I get some of my breakfast on the floor, which means that big orange noisy thing has to come out again and suck it all up. Im not really sure what this thing is but it makes a lot of noise and i really hope that it isn’t going to suck me up.


Everybody has had breakfast now and I have had lots of fun getting all my toys out. The front room looks so much better with all my colourful toys brightening up every inch of the floor. Mummy is saying that it’s time to get ready now. I don’t want to lay down though and had my nappy changed, i give her a couple of kicks and wriggle around lots but she doesn’t give in.

9:30 am

Now that we are all dressed and ready to go out it must be time for a snack. Mummy insists that i put on a bib so that i make it out of the house still clean. Snack chosen and sufficiently spread around the floor its time to head out to the car.


After a nap in the car we have arrived at the park. I don’t want to go in my pram it’s much more fun to walk and explore.img_3952


Ok now my legs are starting to ache but i still don’t want to go in my pram. I want to be carried, and i want mummy to carry me. Things look so much better from higher up. Mummy says something about her arms aching, but i still don’t want to walk or go in my pram. I like it when mummy carries me.


I eat my lunch really nicely. This sandwich is very yummy today. It looks just like the one i had the other day and threw on the floor.


We are now back home. I napped in the car again on the way back but was wide awake as soon as we pulled up outside the house. Mummy says something to daddy about needed to do some washing and cleaning, she gives me a cloth so that i can help. She doesn’t seem very impressed when i polish the laminate floor. I just don’t understand i thought i was helping, i have no idea where i stand.


The house is all clean and tidy now. Mummy gets out the paints so that we can do some messy play. I paint some nice pictures and then when i have finished i push the paint pallet on to the floor. Mummy says that she thinks it’s time to tidy up now. I have changed my mind though about being finished and cry the whole time that mummy tries to clean the paint off my hands, my arms and my face. I really don’t know how it got on my face or in my hair for that matter.img_3928


Mummy goes to start cooking the dinner. It looks bit tidy in here and boring so i start to get all of my toys back out. Now that my toys are nicely spread out i think i will get one of my books out and get daddy to read it to me.


Mummy calls that my dinner is ready so daddy puts me in my chair. I eat the beans off my plate and then push the rest on to floor. Mummy starts to pick it up and take it away, i start to cry because i hadn’t finished with that. She isn’t listening though. Now she is trying to get me to eat some fruit, i suppose i should or I’m going to be hungry.


Daddy interrupts my playing saying that it’s bath time. Im climb up the stairs and run into the bathroom. I like it in the bath apart from when i get the water poured on my hair. When i get out daddy starts to put my pjs on. I don’t want to go to bed yet though,he says that i can stay up for a bit.img_3878


Daddy let me come back down stairs and play with my toys. I’m now being a bit silly though and crying at my toys because they won’t do what i want them to. Mummy picks me up for a snuggle but i just can’t get comfy. Daddy say’s it’s time for me to go to bed. This makes be cross but i still wave to mummy and blow her kisses and daddy carries me up to my room. Once in my bed i protest for a little while but soon settle. I think about what time i should wake up tomorrow and then quietly drift off to sleep ready to start all over again.img_3809


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