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Popping Foam – Sensory Play

We love sensory play. I’m always trying to think up new ideas and try out different things. Shaving foam is such a versatile product, perfect for sensory play and experiments. Today we found another way to get messy using shaving foam and it was so much fun.

To make popping foam you will need

  • Shaving foam
  • Popping candy
  • Paint/Food colouring (optional)

It may sound strange using popping candy in messy/sensory play but it instantly gives you play sound effects. It also offers another tactile stimulation.

You can mix your popping foam in a tray, a tuff spot, a covered table or a sensory bin. If they are able give your child/children the can of shaving foam and let them go crazy spraying it over your chosen surface.

We used the supermarkets own brand shaving foam but any will work. If you will you can then squirt on some paint or food colouring. Finally sprinkle the popping candy on your shaving foam. This is where the fun really begins. Its time to get stuck in.

The foam pops between little fingers and crackles and fizzles as you play, tickling those little hands. We added plastic cups and spoons and used the foam to make ice-creams. We then topped them with more popping candy.

The possibilities are endless, you can make popping clouds in your hands, a foaming waterfall and even practice early writing skills. Whatever you decide there is endless fun to be had.

Dont forget to keep some of the popping candy for eating after all the fun.

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