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Little Loves

Poorly Toddler, In My House and The Voice #littleloves

The last week has been a busy one. I feel as though my feet haven’t touched the ground.

Olivia hasn’t been feeling to great and keeps loosing her voice on and off and work has been rather busy with a bug wiping out the staff.

But all in all its been pretty good, with lots of lovely things to look back on. So grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy a read of this weeks little loves.



This week I got around to finishing In My House by Alex Hourston. This was the first book that I have read by this author but I thoroughly enjoyed in and will definitely be hunting our some more.

I also started Fearne Cotton’s Happy and Danielle Steale’s The Award. I wouldn’t say I’m totally taken with The Award at the moment but I’m really not very far into it so there is still time.

little loves


On Thursday we had Olivia’s parents evening. I love hearing how she is getting on at nursery and is interesting to see if she has the same mannerisms there as she does at home. Overall is she doing very well and exactly where you would expect with her development. Sometimes she needs to remember to turn those listening ears and not be so stubborn. I wonder where she possible gets that from?


The Voice. I’m not usually a bit fan of the show and have usually lost interest in it by now but I think it’s definitely much better since moving to ITV. I love the fact that each of the judges seem to be taking it in turns each week to sing and find it much more engaging.



We are supposed to be back on Slimming World but haven’t 100% stuck to it this week. But when we have I have enjoyed making yummy meals from scratch. A fourth from this week has to be this Chinese chicken. Its super easy to make but so tasty.

Chinese chicken


I haven’t had my nails done for ages so this week opted to dog out all my nail varnishes and have a bit of a pamper session and paint them myself. I opted for quite a neutral colour which I think is perfect for this time of year.



With Olivia not feeling great, her voice coming and going and the miserable weather we have opted for a child weekend. So far there has been a lot of cleaning and lots of snuggles for this one. I love how even when she isn’t feeling her best she is still full of smiles.

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8 thoughts on “Poorly Toddler, In My House and The Voice #littleloves”

  1. Poor Olivia, I hope she’ll get better soon! How do you like the book “Happy”, I’m tempted to buy it as it seems the whole blogosphere is reading it at the moment. The Chinese chicken looks delicious! Have a fabulous week xx

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