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Pizza topped chicken, Ed Sheeran and Rabbit Hunting – Little loves

There really aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment, what with working full time, blogging and running a home theres always something to do.

Here are my little loves from the past week-


I was so determined to finally finish my sisters keeper this week and I did it! Im so glad that i finally read the book after watching the film so many time.


I have now started to read Me Before You at long last, I’m a bit late to the party with that one. I have heard how good the book is so many times and i am finding myself totally engrossed.


I’m loving Ed Sheeran’s new songs at the moment, especially ‘I’m in love with the shape of you’


This week I have found my self engrossed in watching Olivia play on numerous occasions. She’s so funny, she is obsessed with mark-making at the moment and has started talking to herself as she draws. She holds a pen so well and makes really precise marks.


Ok so it may not look the best but this was sooo yummy….


Pizza Topped chicken. We actually had it for dinner twice this week. Pizza is one of our favourites but now that I’m back on slimming world they are a thing of the past, for now anyway. This dish is the perfect replacement and doesn’t contain a single syn, which is always a winner.


There’s nothing exciting to report here again this week i have either been in my work uniform, workout clothes or pj’s.


I’m determined to get Olivia a pet so this weekend we are off to the RSPCA to look at the rabbits. Im so excited, Olivia probably couldn’t care less.

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3 thoughts on “Pizza topped chicken, Ed Sheeran and Rabbit Hunting – Little loves”

  1. Sounds very busy! I’m late to the party with me before you too. One day I’ll find time. It’s lovely watching young children play. My daughter’s imagination always takes me by surprise. That meal l9oks delicious.

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