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Peppa Pig World, Cake Making and Cocktails #littleloves

This week has literally been a whirlwind. There just haven’t been enough hours in the day and my to do list is enormous. But it has all been worth it.

Wednesday was Olivia’s Birthday so we headed off to Peppa Pig. We all had a great time and i would definitely recommend it if you haven’t been before. On Saturday it was then Adam’s 30th Birthday we saw us heading to Roller City in the morning for some roller skating fun. In the afternoon we then had a bit of a party at ours with family and friends.

Hence why i am so late writing this weeks #littleloves.


No reading at all has taken place the last week. I really want to get back into a routine of reading each evening over the next week.


Olivia trying to Roller Skate for the first time with lots of help from her daddy. She was like bambi on ice and after a little while gave up and wanted to be help by Adam as he skated. I little later on she did give it another go. Although her legs spent most of the time going in different directions she had a great time. Squealing with excitement as Adam helped her round.


Lots and lots of singing of happy birthday. Whether its been Olivia singing it to herself or people singing it to either her or Adam.

I haven’t really listening to any radio recently so couldn’t even tell you what is in the carts at the moment.


I gave myself a bit of a challenge the last week when i decided that i would make both Olivia and Adam a birthday cake. Originally the plan was to do a Daddy and Peppa Pig cake for them both to share but i ended up making them individual cakes. Adams coated with chocolate and Olivia’s with buttercream. Although not instagram worthy i’m pretty happy with the finished products. And everyone said that they tasted good which is the main thing. A whole lot of time and tears went in to them.


I have no outfit photos for anything that i have worn this week, i must get better at this. But i do have this pretty cute picture of Olivia strutting her stuff in her biker jacket with her peppa pig hand bag. She’s had this biker jacket from River Island for a while now, it was such a good investment. And her peppa pig bag she bought while we were at peppa pig world with some of her Birthday money.


I’m usually so organised but the last week i haven’t known if i’m coming or going. We have a fun day planned before my mum heads back to Devon tomorrow and then i’m hoping to get back into a routine and get my head down for the next four weeks before we head off for our holiday and wedding.


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