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Paw Patrol Cakes, 13 Reasons Why and Instagram #LittleLoves

This week has been pretty full on, hence why I’m finishing this post at 9 o’clock on the day i usually post. I’ve not been feeling 100% but have powered on regardless. There have still been plenty of positives so grab yourself a drink and have a read of my little loves this week.


I picked up a couple of new books in the Sainsbury’s this week. They are next on my reading list but at the moment i am still making my way through Jodi Picott – Vanishing Act. Well when i say making my through i have barely started it.

I really want to start reading more blogs again as well. Apart from the weekly linkys that i take part in i have been totally failing at reading other blog posts recently.


The fab news each day that Olivia has been having no accidents in her knickers at nursery.  After a failed attempt a few weeks back she now seems a lot more confident. They haven’t even been putting a nappy on her for her naps and she has been waking up dry. I have still been putting them on her over night but she has been waking up each morning dry. We seem to have turned a corner and i really couldn’t be prouder of her.


Netflix. This week we finished watching 13 reasons why. I heard that there is going to be another season. I will definitely be watching that. It will be interesting to hopefully see what happens when all of the truth comes out. I’m now left with nothing to watch so will hopefully fit in more reading over the next week.

Having Netflix back is also a hit with Olivia. The nursery rhyme videos in the kids section seem to constantly be on at the moment. To be honest i think i much rather them to endless episodes of peppa pig or in the night garden. Although some of them are a little strange.


This week i did some simple baking with Olivia. I was very surprised that she picked the Paw Patrol cakes over the The My Little Pony but it just goes to show that everything goes. I totally believe that toys, programmes and experiences should be gender neutral.

I also made the decision, once again, to get back on the slimming world band wagon. We have been eating so badly recently. The snack cupboard has been over flowing with biscuits and sweets. I blame the new storage boxes that we have personally. In all seriousness we seem to get ourselves into a cycle of eating well to loose weight for an up and coming event. We then go totally over board after the event for a couple of weeks and then pull ourselves together to slim back down for the next.

After putting back on half a stone though and having that dreading feeling back when it comes to picking clothes to wear at the weekends its time to sort myself out. It’s all about the organising and the thinking ahead which is were i have been failing recently. Its time to stop being lazy and use my time productively.


Nothing to report here for me. Although i love this outfit that Olivia wore this week. It has all the autumn feels. I would love the gilet in my size. Im not sure that i would be able to pull it off as well as here though.


I’ve started a new hashtag on instagram #shotsoflittles. If you like sharing pictures of your little ones be sure to use the hashtag. I would love to build a little community.

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