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Little Loves

The Olive Tree, Dragons Den and Decorating #littleloves

What a week. It has been either all go or nothing, there has been no in between. With trips to the farm, decorating and assignment writing I’m glad for the weekend to be here.

Here’s a look at my little loves from the week just gone.


I haven’t done as much reading as I would like. Meaning that I haven’t got very far with the Olive Tree but I’m already totally engrossed and can’t wait for the story to unfold.

Happy has taken a back seat at the moment, although I do keep dipping in and out. I think that may be the way to read this one, rather than in one hit.

I actually brought a magazine this week, for the first time in forever. Ok, so it was only the Slimming world one but I have enjoyed reading through peoples weightless journeys and getting some new meal ideas.


Dragons Den. I don’t know how we have managed to miss most of this series but this week we did actually get to tune in.

We still haven’t started a new Netflix series but I have lots that want to check out after reading last weeks little loves posts.


The non stop chatter and signing of a toddler. She literally doesn’t stop at the moment and often leave me wondering when she learnt some of the words that she comes out with.


I actually have an outfit photo. Well kinds, courtesy of the toddler who had a go at using my camera. Its been so cold and wet I have been living in jumpers this week. I love the colour of this one that I picked up the New Look January sale. Its not a colour I would usually go for but decided to be a bit adventurous.

little loves


After a trip to Ikea we made a start on the dressing room transformation. Having a dressing room sounds so fancy but in reality its just a through room that links the bathroom to our bedroom. Its not even an en-suite its the main, and only, bathroom. Apart from storing my clothes on rail this room has been used as a dumping ground for the last two years. We hadn’t even put up a light shade. But now that has all changed we freshened up the walls and have some new furniture. Including my new dressing table that I love. This room is getting a lot more use no and is much more appealing to the eye. We have now also found an open wardrobe that will fit in the space so we should have it all finished this evening.


We are hoping to catch up with some family this weekend. I can’t wait to spend some quality time together.

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