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Poorly Toddler, Children’s TV and Why My Mummy Drinks #little loves

It hasn’t been a usual week for us. Olivia has been severely suffering with hand, foot and mouth which has resulted in us both being cooped up in the house.

Some of the spots around her mouth become infected meaning it resulted in impetigo. On top of that her poor little bottom and the backs of her legs were absolutely pickled in spots making it uncomfortable for her to sit down. The antibiotics have now pretty much cleaned up her face and the spots on her legs seem to be scabbing over.

Although she has been feeling very sorry for herself and rather needy there have still been plenty of positives. So without any more rambling form me grab yourself a hot drink and have a read of this weeks little loves.


This week I finally finished Bone by Bone. I found myself so engrossed as the story went on. I will defiantly be seeing what other books the author Sanjida Kay has written.

During a trip to the supermarket I picked up a couple of new books this week ‘Why mummy drinks’ and ‘The Olive Tree’. I have heard so many good things but decided to make start on Why Mummy Drinks. Im only about 50 pages in but all ready finding it so relatable.


A whole lot of children’s TV. Often on two devices at the same time. Yes that’s right two devices. Not only has Olivia been insisting on having Cbeebies on the Tv but at the same time Netflix on her iPad. And trust me turning one of them off does not go down well. The best thing is she often isn’t even watching either of them.

But once she has gone to bed its then my turn to take control of the TV. I’m loving having Im a Celeb back on your screens and am so pleased that both Ant and Dec are presenting. It just wouldn’t be the same without them both. I already have my favourite boy and girl.


The fab news that my nephew is now on the mend after spending the beginning of the week in hospital with Bronchitis. There seems to be so much going around at the moment.


This week I have made a start on the Christmas wrapping. Not because I’m really organised but because I just keep buying forgetting what we have already got and we were starting to run out of room to store it all. I’m pretty sure we have everything brought now, its just the case of waiting for the last couple of deliveries to turn up.

Food wise I have been a 100% on the slimming world bandwagon this week. One of my favourite meals for this time of year is Cottage Pie. Adam often isn’t very keen on it but he actually commented on how nice it was this week. Hence the reason there is no photo to share with you as it was soon scoffed down.


Nothin to see here. With us spending the week cooped up it’s been PJ days for us.


With not being able to get out this week I’m rather looking forward to some adult interaction. It’s one of my friends birthdays today so we are thinking of having a take-away and drinks at ours tonight. Then it will be a chilled weekend to make sure Olivia is fully recovered ready for her to return to nursery bright and early on Monday.

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4 thoughts on “Poorly Toddler, Children’s TV and Why My Mummy Drinks #little loves”

  1. Hand, foot and mouth is really not fun. I hope she gets better soon. I’m glad to hear your nephew is on the mend now though. I never watch I’m a Celeb, but I’ve seen so much about it lately, I might just have to give it a try. I really want to read that book! I’ve heard so many good things about it. I’ve put it on my Christmas wish list so I hope my fiancee does get it for me. xx #littleloves

  2. Sorry to read its been a tough week, hand, foot and mouth is rough isn’t it. I agree with I’m a Celeb, I think I watch it more for the banter between Ant and Dec than for the contestants, they are such talented and funny presenters. Hope this week has been better for you all.

  3. Oh bless my daughter had hand, foot and mouth twice bad it’s not fun at all and recently slapped cheek which I had never even heard of. I hope she is on the mend soon. Oh I need to add that book to my list I need a good page turner. Sorry for delayed comment from last week it was Thanksgiving playing catch up now on all #littleloves Have a great weekend ahead.

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