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Me Before You and Rainbow Cheesecake – Little Loves


img_5882       This week has followed the rest of the month and gone by so quickly, i cant believe that we are pretty much at the end of January already. The first half of this year is so busy with Birthdays, Wedding Planning and welcoming our close friends babies into the world.

Without further a do here are my little loves for this week-


I have been totally engrossed in Me Before You this week, not wanting to put it down at night. Im nearly at the end now and have After You ready to start straight away.

I also took part in Marvellous Mondays this week for the first time in what felt like forever, coming across some great new blogs to read.


I haven’t watched any films this week as i have been to engrossed in my book. But i have been watching Eastenders, we knew there was going to be some kind of catastrophe with the focus being on the different areas the cast members were in.


On a morning now that Olivia is in a toddler bed she often just gets outs of her bed and starts to play in her car or gets out some toys. Its lovely waking to the sound of playing. Or she will knock on her door and call mummy then when i open it for her she often comes and climbs into our bed.


Last weekend we had friends round for dinner so we attempted to make a rainbow cheesecake. I didn’t have as many food colouring colours as i though so it ended up only being three colours but it tasted great. Will difficulty be making that one again although that time i may do it as a baked cheesecake. img_5705


It’s been so bitterly cold it has been all about the thick coats and scarves here again this week.

I did order some mummy daughter matching jumpers this week that I’m sure will feature in this section is a couple of weeks.


There is always something that needs doing at the moment so over the next week I’m hoping for a spot of me time. Even if its just a nice bath with one of my Lush bath bombs, I’m starting to get quite a collection now.

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2 thoughts on “Me Before You and Rainbow Cheesecake – Little Loves”

  1. Commenting on behalf of myself and Morgana this week: You had me at rainbow cheesecake! Yummy!!! I read both of these and it’s a great movie too. Look forward to your mommy daughter matching sweaters for sure. I love matching! Hope you had a great weekend. Thanks for linking up. #littleloves

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