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Little Loves

fitbit charge 2, gilmore girls and slimming world hash #littleloves

I’m later that normal with the weeks little loves. To be honest I have neglected the blog a bit this week. Apart from doing some work in the garden last weekend and visiting our friends and their newborn baby this week has consisted of working and gilmore girls. At the start of the week we did get back into some kind of workout routine but that dwindled as the week went on. I love taking part in little loves each week so thought it was the perfect way to get back into some kind of routine. Here are my little loves from the last week.


The only books I have picked up this week are Olivia’s. A few times during the week we have enjoyed snuggling up and looking at some of her books but i haven’t picked up any of my own.


After not watching any for a while this week Gilmore Girls made a come back to my life. We were so late to the party with this one. I have finally finished season two though this week and made a good start on season three. We have also been keeping up with the latest Prison Break. As always its totally gripping to see what is going to happen next. Nothing is ever what it seems or plain sailing, thats for sure.


Even though it hasn’t made it very high in the charts I love Zain’s first solos song ‘still got time’. I find myself singing along to it every time that it comes on the radio.


My fitbit was starting to play up and wouldn’t sync properly so this week Adam surprised me with a new one. He went for the Charge 2. I absolutely love it, it hasn’t left my arm all week. We have the Aria scales too. I like keeping track of my workouts and weight using the fitbit app.


We have tried out some new slimming world dinners this week. My favourite has to be this tomato, bacon and potato hash that I made. It was so easy to make and even though it doesn’t look much it tasted so nice. It’s one that i will definitely be making again. It can be so easily adapted as well as you can put assorts into it.

slimming world hash


We have such a fun and busy week a head of us. Olivia turns two in a just a few days which feels me with mixed emotions. One things for sure I’m excited for us to spend a family day together at Peppa Pig World. Then just a couple of days later it is Adam’s 30th. we have some family and friends coming over next Saturday afternoon for a bit of a get together. It will be lovely to see everyone.

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