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First Little Loves of 2018

We had a great start to week with lots of laughs on New Years eve and then a day out in London.

We spent New Years Eve at home playing different games and enjoying each others company. My mum, Adam and I managed to stay up until midnight but did last much longer. Making the most of the first day of the new year we ventured into London to visit Winter Wonderland and do a spot of shopping. Olivia loved going on all of the rides and I managed to pick myself up some treats in the Selfridges Sale.

Tuesday was then upon us and it was time to head back to work. Getting back into the working week routine is always hard but there has still been lots of enjoyment along away. Here’s a look at my little loves from the week just gone.


Even though I have been up late catching up with assignments this week I have still made time for some reading. I’m still making my through the ‘Search for Love’ by Nora Roberts but am very nearly at the end now. Im intrigued to see what finally happens between Serenity and Christophe.


I haven’t really watched any TV this week. It’s just been on as background noise. Olivia has been asking for “the baby one” for a while now so we did put boss baby on for her on Monday afternoon. Not that she really watched it. Playing with her toys is a lot more fun that sitting down in front of the TV. Im just hoping it stays that way she gets older.


This week it’s been all about ‘Hurtin Me’ by Seffon Don and French Montano. I know its not exactly a new song anymore but I have only just got around to downloading it. This week its been the first song that I put on when I get into the car. Much to the toddlers disappointment who is still demanding jungle bells.


Nothing here to report. Im so rubbish at getting outfit photos.


This week we been back to following slimming world, kinda. Although, I have been making slimming world meals I can’t help but keep snacking on all the chocolate, cheese and biscuits that are still hanging round from Christmas. My favourite meal from this week has got to be campfire stew. If you fancy dusting off the slow cooker and giving it ago yourself you can find the recipe here.


Now that I have pretty much caught up with my assignments I’m looking forward to lots more family time this week. Rather than having my head stuck in my laptop every night.

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5 thoughts on “First Little Loves of 2018”

  1. Sounds like you kicked started the year healthy and organized I love it. Hope you had a good Christmas. Can’t believe it’s 2018 already. Last year flew by for me. Looking forward to reading your littleloves this year. Happy New Year. #littleloves

  2. Happy New Year lovely.
    My youngest daughter is nearly seven and still has to have toys or a colouring book with her while watching a film or TV so Olivia might stay the same as she gets older too.
    Hope you have a great week and and thanks for joining in with LittleLoves! x

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