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family time,bloglovin and slimming world- littleloves

Well hello there January. We spent the beginning of the week making the most of our remaining couple of days all together before returning to back work. The house is finally in order and I’m excited for the year ahead.img_5353

Here’s this weeks little loves-


On my kindle I’m still reading my Sisters Keeper.

Ive started using bloglovin again so have come across some new blogs that i have enjoyed reading and also caught up with others that i used to regularly read but haven’t recently. I’ve been really lacking in the social side of blogging recently which is something that i want to improve in 2017.


While hiding away from the rain at the beginning of the week we watched the BFG. Well i say we watched i was cooking the dinner and sorting the washing in between. I remember reading the book when i was at school and definitely want to watch the film properly at some point.


Olivia is talking so much now. Yesterday when she was in the bath she spontaneously said love you for the first time. I have also heard ugh ugh quite a lot so we have to remind her to ‘use her words’ to which she usually replies with ‘words’.


Im back doing slimming world so i have made lots of slimming world dinners over the last week including homity pie, beef stroganoff and diet coke chicken. img_5492

We have done any crafts at home yet this year. Im going to check out pinterest and see what ideas there are.


Its been so cold hats and scarf have a been a must again this week. I have also been wearing my thigh high boots a lot that i got in the new look sale. Its now back to wearing my work uniform though. We have recently updated it and i feel a lot smarter.



My diary is already filling up for the next few weeks and there are so many exciting things happening this year. I want to start getting things organised for our wedding over the next week.

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13 thoughts on “family time,bloglovin and slimming world- littleloves”

  1. Happy New Year! I love bloglovin, I find so many new blogs too read weekly! The temperature has really dropped hasn’t it? We have been in the minus every morning! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.. popping over from #littlelove

  2. Oh the first time they say “love you” is just heart meltingly wonderful isn’t it – what a little sweetheart she is 🙂

  3. Oh it’s so lovely when they say “I love you” for the first time! Those boots are amazing, might have to go see if New Look still has the sale on… Hope you all have a great weekend!

  4. I’ve recently started using Bloglovin’ again too – it’s so handy to have all my favourite blogs in one place, so I don’t miss anything! It must have been lovely to hear your little one say that for the first time. Enjoy your weekend! xx

  5. Aw I bet it was so lovely when she said I love you!I get tears in my eyes whenever emily says it to me (but I’m just a big softie). I love bloglovin but I go through phases where I don’t really check it for a few days and then days when I’m on it for hours!! I love the outfit you’re wearing in this post 🙂 have a fab weekend and upcoming week!xx

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