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What a great week. I’m really not ready for it to end.

It has been so nice having  a few days off work with Olivia. Last weekend we had family staying so even though we had lots of family time it was nice to have some one to one time with her over the last few days.

Today its back to work and nursery for us though. So without further a do her’s a look at what we have been up to over the last week.


This week i finished The Couple Next Door. This book did not disappoint. Each night i have found myself looking forward to going to bed so that I can read more. Now on the hunt for something new to get stuck into. If you have any suggestions leave them in the comments.


We have apple TV and a Amazon Fire Stick that have both been sitting there unused recently. So this week I renewed by Netflix subscription and we have started watching 13 Reasons Why. We are only a couple of episodes in but i can already feel myself becoming hooked. Each time it finishes i can’t wait to watch the next and see what the next tape is about.


A whole lot of laughter and noise. Don’t get me wrong i was glad of the peace again once they had gone but it was so nice having a full house over the weekend. Seeing and hearing Olivia-May and her cousins play together made my heart burst with love. They had each other laughing, crying and at times were even telling each other off.


Before getting back on the Slimming World wagon we indulged in a home-made lasagne. Im sorry but the slimming world one just isn’t the same. I think its the only meal that i miss when we are on plan. You can’t have a lasagne without lashings of white sauce and cheese. Quark or natural yogurt just isn’t the same.I was rather disappointed that i had forgot to pick up some garlic bread.

With me being off work i was able to indulge Olivia in her love of crafts. On Monday we literally spent the whole morning at the dining table with paints, glitter, sequins and various other crafts materials.



Lat Sunday we went on a bit of shopping spree. Adam was so hung over he wasn’t paying much attention to what i was buying, which is always a bonus. Of course it mostly for Olivia. I did however treat myself to this biker jacket from River Island. I picked one up the sale last year but talked myself out of buying it. When Adam saw me looking at them again he said to just buy it. I definitely need to take him out shopping more often when he has a hangover. Like Olivia with her new monster wellies i haven’t really taken it off since.

biker jacket


Since doing our first ever vlog six months ago i haven’t done one since, up until yesterday. Me and Olivia spent the majority of the day at the farm so i decided to put together a little video of what we get up when we are there. It’s below if you fancy taking a look.

I’m thinking this weekend is going to be pretty chilled one but we shall see. Olivia has been talking about swimming a bit recently and we haven’t been for a while. Maybe a trip to the local pool is in order.

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6 thoughts on “Family Time, Crafts and Netlix – LittleLoves”

  1. Aww Olivia is so cute in that video! And what a lovely farm too, looks great for little ones. Love your new jacket. And totally get what you mean about slimming world lasagne – some things you just can’t change! Have a great week x

  2. Love the jacket. The Couple Next Door was an awesome book. Just also finished Truly Madly Guilty which is great. Looks like you had a great crafty week. Hope the weekend was lovely too. #littleloves

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