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Christmas Twinning, Cousins and Eminem #Littleloves

The last few weeks have been so busy, with lots of family fun squeezed in and not a lot of time for writing posts. I have really missed taking part in little loves and really want to get back into the routine. It’s such a lovely way to reflect on all the good bits from the previous week.

This week started us with being in Devon. On Saturday we enjoyed a trip on the Santa Express. With Olivia telling Santa that she is 8 and that she would like some bath bombs for Christmas. Not the usual request from a two and half year old. We then spent Christmas Eve with Adam’s family and Christmas Day and Boxing Day with mine.

It was then time to travel back home stopping off along the way to see some family in Weston. We were all very spoilt but the most important thing for me was getting to spend quality time with all of our loved ones.

I hope you all had a great Christmas, here are my little loves from the week just gone.


I loved watching Olivia playing with her cousins on Christmas Eve. They can be pretty crazy together with 4 of them aged under 5 but they always have so much fun. Watching them play feels my heart to bursting.


I’ve been on a bit of reading missions. Finishing not one but two books and completing my good reads challenge of reading 10 books this year.

Make a Christmas Wish by Julia Williams was real grower. I wasn’t to sure when I started reading it but I soon found myself totally engrossed. It was one of those books that when you finish it you actually feel a little disappointed.


I’m loving a bit of Eminem at the moment. His duets with Ed Sheehan and Beyonce are constantly playing in the car, when little ears aren’t present that is. When Olivia is in the car its not long before she starts asking for Jingle bells. That is defiantly one thing I will not miss now the festive period is over.


This year we opted to make our own mince pies using puff pastry  they didn’t look much as we got a bit carried away with the filling but they soon disappeared so must of tasted good.


As as well as mince pies Christmas calls for cocktails. After declaring that I don’t like gin I found a new love. Gorden’s pink gin, to be precise strawberry and lime cider  with a shot of pink gin and crushed ice. If you haven’t tried this it’s a must!


There has been a whole lot of twinning going on over the last week. With festive jumpers, pj’s and mine and Olivia’s matching dresses for Christmas Day. She was so excited when she saw that we were all matching. I was rather surprised that Adam had agreed. Maybe we will be able to get away with matching once a week.


I plan on making the most of the next couple of days. My mum is now staying with us so I’m hoping the weather will allow us to get out with Olivia. Especially on New Years Day when we have a trip to Winter Wonderland planned.

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4 thoughts on “Christmas Twinning, Cousins and Eminem #Littleloves”

  1. Loving all the twinning! I’m glad you had a fantastic Christmas- it is so good when the excitement is contagious- what a wonderful thing to have cousins around to enjoy the festivities. And yes, I think the pink gin might need to go on the New Year’s Eve menu! I hope 2018 is kind to you.

  2. Loving the matching jumpers! I remember spending Christmas with cousins when I was little – they’re some of my happiest memories and I’m sure Olivia will remember them just as fondly when she grows up. I love a bit of Eminem but haven’t heard the two songs you’ve mentioned – will definitely look them up. Happy New Year 🙂

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas! Lots of small children makes for a fun but rather chaotic time for sure, our Christmas time was the same.
    Loving all the matching outfits, too cute! x

  4. Sounds like a fab Christmas I love that Olivia told Santa she was 8 that is so funny, and I just love family time I know its always chaos but thats what makes it great. #littleloves

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