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Christmas gifts, Little Mix and Slimming World

What a busy week full of festivities, we started off the week celebrating Christmas down in Devon with our families and our now back home trying to get the house back into some kind of shape ready for an exciting new year ahead.


While we were away I finished the paper back Christmas Novel i was reading and forgot to pack my kindle so had a look at what my mum had downloaded on her. I came across My Sisters Keeper and started to read it. I have seen the film several times but never really thought about reading the book. Im only 11% into it but totally drawn in to the story already, i think i may have to watch the film again when i finished reading it.


On Christmas day i got to watch the excitement spread across Olivia’s face, after getting over tripping up, when she saw her electric car. She was soon driving it backwards and forwards with no steering crashing into everything in sight. img_5174

There were a few films playing in the background over the Christmas period but i haven’t really watched any TV.


Olivia and I love to dance around to Little Mix at the moment,  especially Shout Out To My Ex and Touch.

On our drive back home (which took 5 hours compared to the normal 3 and a half) me and mum could hear Olivia in the back of the car having a ‘sing’ along to the radio. She really is so cute when she wants to be.


There have been no crafts and because we have been away i haven’t done any cooking. I have rejoined slimming world now though so plan on making a beef stroganoff tonight for the first time. We did decorate some shop bought gingerbread tree’s, not that they really count.


My new coat, bobbly hat and scarf, I love these two items that i got for Christmas. They are so warm and snuggly, perfect for the cold weather that we have at the moment. And if i haven’t been wearing my coat i have been wearing my new waist coat jacket that i got in the new look sale. img_5245Above – Wrapped up warm for a walk along the downs before our afternoon tea.

Below – Me and Olivia all wrapped up to walk the dog with Nanny and see the Christmas lights. Of course she was soon asleep in her pushchair and didn’t see a single light.



Im looking forward to a spot of pampering with my mum today, we are off to get our nails done. We will then be having a quiet new year in before a trip to Winter Wonderland on new years day.


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5 thoughts on “Christmas gifts, Little Mix and Slimming World”

  1. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely Christmas!! Winter wonderland on New Year’s Day what a fab idea-hopefully it won’t be too busy-while everyone sleeps! Olivia looks so cool in her car, hopefully she does less crashing soon-lol! Have a wonderful new year x

  2. Oh that book is so sad – I read it years ago before the film was out and I think it’s the first book that caused me to be in such a state I couldn’t carry on reading. Hope you enjoy! Love the look of your hat, very cosy. Happy New Year 🙂 #LittleLoves

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