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Bone by Bone, Netflix and Homemade Soup #LittleLoves

I was in two minds whether to link up this week with not much to report but I must get back into a routine.

Getting back into routine pretty much sums up my week. After being away for a week Monday was soon up on us and it was back to work for Adam and I and nursery for Olivia. I was really surprised and relieved when she went in without a fuss as it can sometimes take her a couple of days to adjust.

This week we have had a bit of a poorly household with Olivia suffering with a horrid cough. The doctor assures me that he chest is clear although I’m not 100% convinced. She’s been coughing away for two weeks now and no cough medicine is making a difference.

But anyway thats enough rambling from me her’s a look at our little loves from the week just gone.


This week I have dipped in and out of Bone by Bone written by Sanjida Kay. I’ve really enjoyed what I have read so far but have been much more interested in Netflix. Which leads me on to…


Adam and I are both still hooked on Suits. Just when you think you they have exercised every storyline something else pops up. We are pretty close to the end now, after lots of late nights waiting to see what happens next, I’m already finding myself what we are going to do with all our spare time when we have finished the last series.


Olivia singing nursery rhymes to her teddies and dolls, then telling them off when they don’t join in with the actions. She really does make me laugh. I thought we had a few years to go, with her only being two and half, before she started shutting herself away her bedroom. She loves nothing more than sitting her teddies and dolls in a circle and sharing books with them of singing nursery rhymes with the aid of the iPad.


This week I made a chicken and vegetable soup to take to work my lunches. I’ve tried making soups before and ended up not eating them but this one was a success. Now that the colder weather is here homemade soups are perfect. They are so easy to make and nothing warms you up better.


I have nothing to report here so will hand this section over to Olivia.

She has literally been living in her stitch and style lounge suits. They are so comfy and warm, perfect for the time of year. The rainbow zebra print its so cute and colourful and what little girl doesn’t love unicorns?


If you like to share pictures of your little ones over on Instagram I have started a little community #shotsoflittles that I would love for you to join.

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1 thought on “Bone by Bone, Netflix and Homemade Soup #LittleLoves”

  1. Home made soup is just the perfect lunch for this time of year. I’ve been busy making batches of it too.
    Olivia looks adorable in those outfits!
    Have a lovely week x

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