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Blogtober, Suits and Experiments #littleloves

This week has been non stop. Its gone so fast but at the same time to slow. All of the days have just merged in to one. We have definitely squeezed lots in. I think my favourite part of the week was a family trip to the park on Friday evening, but there have also been lots of other good bits so grab yourself a cuppa and have a read of this weeks little loves.


I’ve done quite a bit of reading this week. Non of which has been on the Jodi Piccott book that i started a while back now. This month i am taking part in Blogtober, a writing challenge where bloggers aim to write a new post each day. There is a prompt for each day that you can use or you can come with your own ideas. Most bloggers, like myself, seem to use the prompts provided. This year is my first time taking part and I’m really enjoying it. It’s really interesting to see the different spins people put on the same prompt. I have also come across a lot of lovely blogs that i may not of otherwise.

I have also been reading a whole lot of legislation. Work on my Level 5 is going steady, the current assignment that i am doing is very legislation heavy though so I’m finding it hard to keep myself motivated with it.


Suits. After hearing about this Netflix series through this link this week we decided to check it out. I must say that at the moment Adam is much more into it than me. To be honest i don’t really have a clue what is going on. I have either been writing posts, catching up with reading and commenting or doing paper work while it has been on in the background. Im hoping over this weekend i can watch a couple of episodes uninterrupted and really get into it.

The Apprentice also made a return this week. We both really enjoy this show and watch it every year. Nobody stands out to me at the moment, but it was only episode one. I can’t believe that the boys managed to make a loss though on the first task.


Olivia talking about her day. She is talking so much now. I just love our little conversations on our way home in the evenings about her day at nursery. Now she is only two and half so I’m sure all of it is true. And some of it is like trying to piece together a puzzle you have lost some of the pieces for but non the less she does make laugh and swell with pride. She becomes so passionate sometimes about what she is saying and gets to cross when i can’t figure out what she means. In the end she either gives up or tells me off.


This week i have been trying to make more of an effort to do different activities with Olivia on an evening before she goes to bed. So far we have made a raincloud with shaving foam and used food colouring as the raindrops and I’ve made pumpkin rice for her to explore in a sensory bin. We have also done a couple of experiments and had out the usual water play and orchard toys games, which she is loving at the moment.



This week i have either been in my work clothes or pj’s so nothing to report her for me. I haven’t got any outfit photos for Olivia either this week.


We have a pretty exciting weekend planned, which i sure you will hear much more about very soon.

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5 thoughts on “Blogtober, Suits and Experiments #littleloves”

  1. What a great idea to do various activities at home. I love doing this come dark winter months with the kids. Always great to keep them being creative too. Sounds like a lovely week. Way to go little one for all the fab conversations it’s really the best age so many changes. #littleloves

  2. That looks like such a fab experiment ! OMG Blogtober you will be sooooo busy I struggle to post 4 times a week and I love it when little ones start talking more it is such an exciting time x

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