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Birthday Celebrations, Easter Bonnets and Guilty Pleasures – Little Loves

This week started off with both Adam and I being ill, i still don’t really know if it was a sickness bug or food poisoning. I have worked with children for over ten years so have a really good immune system, never really getting ill. Needless to say on the odd occasion that I do I don’t cope with it well. This resulted in most of our plans on Sunday being put on hold and me spending most of the day on the sofa. Im just glad that whatever it was it didn’t effect Olivia. She was so good, playing really nicely with her toys and generally keeping herself entertained.

The week soon improved though with my birthday celebrations and soon passed by in a blur. I don’t think me feet have touched the ground.  I can’t believe that it is Friday all ready and time for this week’s little loves.


I did it. I finally finished After you. It was very different to the first book but I enjoy reading how Louisa’s life panned out. I have now made a good start on The Unmumsy Mum, which I’m hoping to finish over the next week.



The chinking of glasses. As mentioned this week was my birthday. We went out for meals with different people on both the Monday and Tuesday. While at Monday’s meal i indulged in a trio of chocolate cheesecake, Tuesday was all about Pornstar Martini’s. Although we did only have on each as we had work the next day.

pornstar martini


Geordie Shore! I know they aren’t great role models but i just love this show. Some of the stuff they get up to i watch in totally disbelief. It’s kind of like my guilty pleasure. Its such an easy watch.

This week we also tuned in to Just Tattoo of us. It’s impossible to miss all of the advertising for Bear and Charlotte’s new programme. Although I think the concept is just ridiculous it’s intriguing to see what each person has had designed to be tattooed on their best friend/partner.

With easter just around the corner this week we also watched Hop. We had never seen it before so when it popped up on Amazon prime it felt like the perfect film. Olivia didn’t stay very engaged for long but I really enjoyed the story. Who wouldn’t want to be the Easter Bunny?


This week has been all about making at Easter Bonnet for the competition at Olivia’s nursery next week. Im so competitive so this task was taken very seriously. Since starting it Saturday I have been doing little bits each night. Last night I even roped Adam in. It is now finished so i just hope i don’t forget it on Monday. Most of the resources that we used were from the pound shop although i did also pop into hobycraft for a couple of bits. I could literally spend hours in that shop! I like to think that I’m creative but things often don’t turn out as i had imagined. Im really pleased with the Easter Bonnet which I’m sure will pop up on our social media on Monday.



I don’t have any outfit photo’s for me this week. Although I do have a photo of my Birthday present from Adam, this gorgeous Ted Baler Baker bag that has been glued to my arm since i got it on Tuesday.

The only outfit photos that have been taken this week are of Olivia. She has a number of rompers in her wardrobe that i have been waiting to fit her. She has such little legs they always go over her feet and annoy her. Finally this cute heart print one fits. She looked so adorable the other morning and was really playing to camera. I love the colours and her cheeky little face is just adorable.


This weekend we have a family day in Bristol to look forward to and maybe some more Easter crafts. I hoping the week a head won’t be as jammed packed and we can get out for some walks in the evenings. But who knows.

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6 thoughts on “Birthday Celebrations, Easter Bonnets and Guilty Pleasures – Little Loves”

  1. Ahhh gorgeous last snap of your little model. She is precious. Love the bag. Metallics are so in right now in style and home. Birthday celebrations hooray!!! and those pornstar martinis drooling over. Apologies if I missed last weeks post I am catching up with them today too. Happy weekend and Happy Easter! #littleloves

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