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Shenley Park – Fairy Garden

Shenley park is just down the road from us but the three of us have never visited together before. I remember taking Olivia there when I was on maternity leave but we only visited the tea rooms while the older children played in the park. shenley park

With the sun shining and the new fairy garden on show from today it was the perfect opportunity for a little adventure. The carparks where really busy when we got there. Everybody was out making the most of the beautiful weather. But we were soon parked in one of the over flow car parks. With the play park and fairy garden area looking rather busy we decided to take a walk around Shenley Park first.

We opted for one of the longer walks. Starting off in her pram Olivia munched her was through her snacks. Then she was off toddling around and at one point nearly falling in the stingers. While walking along the gravel track through the crops Olivia decided that she needed a little rest. She was soon up again though when in the distance we saw a horse approaching. The lady rider asked us to keep the pram still as it was a young horse and he has never seen a pram before. Once the horse was on its way we carried on our walk with Olivia on daddy’s shoulders to give her little legs a rest.

shenley park

After a little while Olivia was actually asking to go back into her pram. Usually its a struggle to get her in. She had soon nodded off and after a 3 mile walk we were back at our starting point. When she woke up she was eagerly asking to go into the play park. It was still quite busy in the park so after a go on the swing and a couple of goes on the slide we ventured off to see the fairy doors.

She loved spotting the different colourful doors and knocking on them. The fairy dust looked lovely sparkling away in the spring soon but  my favourite part of the display has to be the colourful butterflies.

fairy garden

henley park

We had such a lovely morning, with the sun shining and lots of fresh air.  Hopefully we have some nice weather for the Easter bank holiday and we can get out and do some more exploring.

If your looking for idea’s for fun family day’s out i have made a board full of ideas over on Pinterest.

 A fun day out at Shenley Park, including seeing the new fairy garden.


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7 thoughts on “Shenley Park – Fairy Garden”

  1. The fairy gardens are one of the more popular areas on our farm, I can just imagine Olivia’s excitement at seeing the doors and butterfly tree at Shenley Park. Making things for the fairy gardens is one of my favourite crafts with the children here. I hope you get to go back when it is less busy and enjoy the play area too.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  2. That butterfly is gorgeous and those fairy doors are so sweet. You’ve got me wondering whether something similar exists near me. #CountryKids

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