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Looking Back at Summer 2017

Summer is definitely over for another year and Autumn is upon us. This Summer has been the best one i can remember. We definitely squeezed plenty in. I now find myself reaching for the snuggle blanket and comfy pj’s and thought it would be the perfect time to reflect on our Summer memories.

June saw us heading to Cyprus for not only our annual holiday but for our wedding. We have friends that live in Cyprus and it has been our go to holiday destination since before Olivia was born. Its a four hour flight. Which so far has been totally manageable with a child. We usually go September/October time so this year it was slightly hotter, especially with the heat wave that hit. We stay in a little village 10 minutes from Ayia Napa. Spending our days lounging by the pool or on one of the beaches and our evenings eating in one of the many Ayia Napa restaurants. Yes they have lots, its not just all pubs and clubs. Some of the best meals i have had have been in Ayia napa.

June also saw Olivia getting a new bed. But not just any bed but one that her daddy had handmade especially for her. I just love her house bed and would definitely have one for myself. Her fairy lights and her dream catcher from Ayla Moon Designs just finish it off perfectly. If only it actually looked this tiddy all the time, its usually swamped with a gazillion teddies and blankets.

Before we knew it July was upon us. We spent one weekend in July in Torquay for my nephews birthday. It was lovely being able to catch up with family, some of which we hadn’t seen for a while. We also managed to squeeze in a night of bowling followed by Kaspa’s. This turned out to be quiet an expensive night as we later found out that we had a parking ticket.

July also saw lots of trips to the local parks and the arrival of our friends baby boy. Olivia was so good when she met baby, getting very concerned whenever he cried and asking where he was whenever he was out of sight. I can’t wait to see their friendship grow as they grow up.

In July we also welcomed two new additions to our family. Rabbits, who after many name changes are called Buddy and Teddy. Olivia is so good at feeding them and helping to clean them out. I loved having pets when i was little and wanted her to have the same experiences.

August was by far our busiest month. At the beginning of the month we traveled up to Eastnor for the day. We visited the Deer Park where Olivia’s grandads ashes are scattered and laid some flowers. Unfortunately, Olivia never got to meet her grandad and nor i but it’s important to us that she knows all about him. While we were there we walked all around the park and played hide and seek behind the trees.

We also enjoyed lots of trips to the local activity farm and went to a pick your own farm for the very first time. We came home with lots of raspberries and a few strawberries but because we had left it a bit late there wasn’t much else. I definitely want to go back there for berries next year. We just have to ensure that we go a bit earlier.

Paradise Wildlife, where Olivia had her face painted for the first time, and trips to the seaside were then next on our list. We had a great time looking at all the animals at Paradise Wildlife Park but Olivia’s favourite part was definitely riding the park safari. During our trips to the seaside we had a great time larking about in the water fountains in Southend and playing on the pier in Clacton. While we were at Clacton we even went into the sea and Olivia had a go at building some sandcastles.

We also got to attend my brother in laws wedding. This was such a lovely day seeing all the family and watching all of the cousins play together. This highlighted the fact that we definitely need to have get togethers with all of the family more often.

I was determined to make the most of the summer this year. Especially now that Olivia is that little bit older and can appreciate days out a little more. Summer 2017 you served us well, we created memories that we will cherish forever. Summer 2018 I’m already looking forward to you and can’t wait to see what adventures we get up to.


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