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London Adventures – Me and Mine April 2017

April went by in a blur. The start of the month saw me celebrating my birthday and as April draws to an end the plans for Olivia and Adam’s birthdays are well underway. This month we have enjoyed lots of fun family says out, including a trip to Shenley park which you can read about here and a trip into London.

We live right on the doorstep of the big smoke but since having Olivia we don’t venture in to the city much. Easter Sunday seemed like the perfect opportunity to get out and do some exploring. We have never been to the Olympic Park so figured that it would be a good place to start.olympic park

Olivia soon spotted the water fountains and wanted to have a closer look. She got caught out by one of them and ended up a bit soggy but that didn’t put her off. After a bit of a wonder around we also came across a park that she loves playing in. Adam and I had forgotten our coats though so we spent a couple of hours there.

We then ventured towards to centre of London. Stopping off for lunch at five guys and then wondering around Covent Garden market. The square looked lovely with all of the flower and easter displays. We also took Olivia to have a closer look at the Lions on Trafalgar Square that she had spotted from the car.

Throughout the day we managed to get some lovely photos of the Olivia and some individual ones of each of us with her but getting one of the three of us wasn’t so successful. One of us at least is always looking in the wrong direction.

Here’s what we have enjoyed this week

Adam has Loved

*Getting the garden Summer ready

*Evening walks

*The return of Prison Break

*Surprising Stacey with birthday balloons

Stacey has loved

*Celebrating my Birthday with friends

*Seeing family in Bristol

*Receiving items ready for our wedding

*The return of Prison Break

*Long bank holiday family weekends

*My new Ted Baker bag

*The surprise of a new fitbit

Olivia has loved

*Playing in our neighbours garden with their little boy

*Wearing her wellies

*Playing with rainbow rice

*Getting to use the iPad

*Popping bubbles

*Having her nails painted like mummy

I hope you to have had a good month. We have so many fun things happening over the next couple of weeks which i cant wait to share with you at the end of May.


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1 thought on “London Adventures – Me and Mine April 2017”

  1. Looks like a great day out and full of sunshine and summer promises around the corner for us. I hope next month is more sunshine and family fun outdoors for us all. These are beautiful. #meandmineproject

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