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Hempstead Heath Adventures

Last year we came across a lovely park and animal area at Hempstead Heath so this weekend we ventured back to explore the other side of the Heath.img_6009

10 minutes into our walk the heavens opened, but we persevered and eventually the rain did tail off.

There are so many different routes through and around the Heath. We ended up doing about a 5 mile walk, at the top of the Heath we were able to look right out across the London skyline.IMG_6014.JPG

During our walk Olivia had a great time splashing/falling in puddles and we even spotted some squirrels that she watched playing in the leaves.


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2 thoughts on “Hempstead Heath Adventures”

  1. I’ve not been to Hampstead Health since way before having children, however I do remember that it is huge and that wonderful view out over London from near the top. It is a great stretch of common land that makes London city life feel so far away. A perfect place to go exploring with Olivia.

    Thank you for sharing lovely photos from your walk with me at #CountryKids

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