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Friary Park Disaster

Not everything always goes to plan, sometimes you find yourself thinking why did i even leave the house. Last week we had one of those days, when we attempted to visit one of the local parks.

I hate being cooped up so thought it would be nice for me and mum to take Olivia to Friary Park while Adam was out on call. We haven’t taken her out in her trike for a while so i thought it would be a nice change rather than always being in her pushchair. Another thought was that we could maybe prevent the rigid tantrum of getting her back into said pushchair once she was tired of walking as her trike would be fun.

This is when the first disaster of the day occurred. Olivia saw me get her trike from the back garden and wanted to instantly go on it, this wouldn’t of been to much of problem if i could find the pin that holds the handle in place. Thinking it may be in the boot of the car from when we last used it i decided to proceed with putting it into the car, but no such luck there was no pin in sight.

Resigned to the fact that she would just have to go in her pushchair we headed for the park.¬†¬†Upon our arrival i got out her pushchair to discover it was still soaking wet from the downpour we had got caught up in the day before.¬†Determined to proceed with our walk i decided she could just walk and we would just have to carry her if she got tired. But of course she didn’t walk one single step, i carried her the whole way around the park until she spotted the children’s play area. With the play park in sight she was happy to walk but wanted to walk across the grass as this was a much more direct route than around the not muddy path. Of course she fell over into the biggest muddy puddle in the whole park.

Then came the tears because she was and dirty, shouting at her clothes ‘no dirty, no wet’. Hoping she would be distracted and enjoy a bit of time playing we still ventured into the children’s play area, resulting in a muddy mummy from where i was carrying her. After a couple of go’s on the slide and on the swing she was ready to leave.

We did contemplate another walk around the park but the crying and shouting at her dirty clothes started again so we headed back home. We probably spent more time in the car than at the actual park.

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