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Broomfield Park Fun

I’ve really missed linking up with CountryKids over at Coombe Mill. Life has been so busy recently meaning we haven’t been able to spend any time out exploring.

But yesterday we finally got the opportunity.

Adam came across Broomfield Park in Southgate whilst on his way to a job in the week. With the sun shining and the temperature much milder than it has been off we venture, stopping off to pick Olivia up some lunch on the way. One day we will learn to be more organised, we also end up getting to our destination bang on her lunch time and there aren’t always any cafes or shops near by.


After a little explore of he daffodils we had a little watch of the lake. Their was a man there with a remote control boat which Olivia loved watching whilst excitedly saying ‘boat boat’.

She was soon ready to venture on a little further so we headed for the play park. It was now Olivia’s lunch time so we found a bench where she happily eat her lunch. She even shared her crusts with daddy.


She had a great time playing on the different slides but wasn’t really fused by the swings that are normally her favourite. We then realised that we had left the baby wipes, that i had just brought, in the car. We decided to walk back to the car to get them as Olivia constantly seems to have a runny nose at the moment.

On the walk back to the car Olivia gave up with walking and got Adam to carry her. Once we got back to car we got the baby wipes and Olivia’s pram before continuing with our exploring.


On our walk back around by the lake there was man feeding the ducks and geese so we were able to get up real close to them.

We also came across a couple of squirrels. One of which was eating some melted ice-cream off the floor and then ran off with the bit of cone.


We then went back to the play park so Olivia could have some more fun playing. There was a double slide that she soon roped me into going down with her. Each time shouting ‘ready steady go’ at the top of her voice. She also had fun playing on the swings and had a little go on the roundabout, although she much preferred it when it wasn’t moving.

After nearly 3 hours of walking and playing Olivia was then starting to get tired. We walked back around the lake to the car with her some how staying awake in her pram. But she was soon fast asleep once we were 5 minutes into our drive back home.



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5 thoughts on “Broomfield Park Fun”

  1. What a beautiful sounding afternoon. Sometimes it’s good to just go and then worry about what you have forgotten or you never get out trying to prepare everything. A sandwich in the park looks like the perfect solution for a full tummy and happy play. I must say I’m in love with your jacket too, such a great colour and design.

    Lovely to see you back on #CountryKids

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