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Aldenham Park – 100 acre woods

‘Its a very funny thought that, if bears were bees, They’d build their nests at the bottom of trees, And being so (if bees were bears), We wouldn’t have to climb up all those stairs’

We went to Aldenham Country Park before Christmas after a friend recommended it but did have time to venture around the 100 acre wood so at the weekend we revisited.

Olivia was very excited when she spotted a Winnie the Pooh on one of trees pointing us in the right direction and was soon asking for ‘ore ore’.

We soon came across Pooh Bridge where she was insistent that she wanted to clamber up the quite steep steps herself. She spent ages peering over the bridge into the stream looking at nothing in particular. img_5740

img_5746She thought it was great fun to go into the little den after a bit of encouragement and shout boo at Adam and I.

After a bit of persuasion the ventured on to see what else we could find. Olivia got so excited when she spotted Winnie the Pooh’s house and started running towards it. She rang the bell and peered through the windows but was disappointed that she should actually go inside. She even knocked on the door and said please.

Next we came across Wols House where Olivia had her first experience of tree climbing, with some help from daddy. She sat at the top of the branch in front of the house looking  out at the surroundings holding on to the chain for some time. img_5749

img_5753She was so content. After a few more goes of climbing up the branch and jumping off we encouraged her to move on.

With the frosty weather the sand pit wasn’t up to much so we continued our walk passing the honey tree and back to the start/end.

I definitely think that we will venture back to Aldenham again the Summer taking a picnic with us and make a day out of it.

As well as the 100 Acre woods trail theres the walk around the lake, a play area and the farm. You can can read about our visit to the Farm Hunting Elves here.

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7 thoughts on “Aldenham Park – 100 acre woods”

  1. The 100 Acre Woods are on my list of places that I’d like to visit at some stage. Olivia looks like she was having a wonderful time. I love the photo of her standing on the tree trunk holding on to her daddy’s hand 🙂 #countrykids

  2. This looks like a perfect walk for a chilly winter’s day. Not too long and with plenty of distractions along the way to stop little legs feeling tired. How sad the Pooh Bear door didn’t open even with a please! I love the idea though with the little bell outside. I know how much the children love to ring the wind chimes in our fairy gardens, I wonder if I should get a bell too.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. We (well me, actually) have a list of places we want to explore this year and having seen a few posts of 100 Acre Woods & this one its now firmly on my list! You had a lovely day for it, the weather looks cold but sunny (the best type of winter days!)

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