H&M Two Piece – WhatMyKidWoreWednesday

Now this is one of those outfits that if I could pull it off I would definitely wear it myself. H&M totally pulled it out the bag with this one. The material is quite thick which is perfect for the colder weather that we have been having.

I’m a big lover of grey and then this heart print just tops it off. It’s super cute and very girly. I just wish that I had come across it sooner so that I could of also got it for her in the navy.


I always find really nice pieces in H&M but for some reason don’t always look there very often. There clothes are so reasonably priced as well so I really should.

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2 thoughts on “H&M Two Piece – WhatMyKidWoreWednesday”

  1. Ohhh goodness, this outfit is DARLING! I love how you’ve styled her hair too. Makes me so excited for when my girls finally grow enough hair for cute styles!

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