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Floral leggings and Monster Wellies – WhatMyKidWoreWednesday

This weeks featured outfit is a bit of a mash up.

The poses though are totally on point.

Let’s start with the leggings. I just love this print. I think it’s perfect for this time of year. Especially as the last couple of days have been a little cold but mainly sunny. The leggings are from Next. I’m pretty sure that my mum picked them up for her in the January sale. It seems like it has taken forever for her 2-3 years clothes to start fitting properly. (She is now 2 and a half) Rather than the sack of potatoes look where they are to big for her.

We really need to up our t-shirt game. I haven’t come across any nice autumn coloured plain tops for her yet so had to make do with this green t-shirt. If you know anywhere selling any burgundy, khaki, mustard tops then let me know in the comments. The green does match the green of the leaves in the print but i wasn’t really feeling it.

When then decided to venture out. To ensure that Olivia was warm enough she popped on her fluffy bomber jacket. I just love this jacket. It looks so warm and comfy. I would definitely wear it myself! A bonus is that covered up the t-shirt.

monster wellies

Then of course to finish the outfit off Olivia insisted on wearing her new monster wellies. Now i do love these wellies. Which again our from next. They are super cute and fun. They just maybe aren’t the best look with the patterned leggings.

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