CrowningAva Turbans and H&M Comfys – WhatMyKidWoreWednesday

There is definitely a bit of a chill in the air now. But its still not cold enough to get the bobble hats out yet. Alas i have the perfect solution the gorgeous Crowning Ava turbans. We have had these since last Autumn when Olivia basically lived in them. (Through no choice of her own).

A recent girls day out presented the perfect opportunity to get them back out. I think this white one really suits her. Its perfect for keeping the chill off her ears but isn’t so thick that she ends up all hot and bothered. She isn’t really a ran of hats. Never keeping them on but she did keep this on for a good couple of hours.

Then there’s her cat two piece. We brought this recently in H&M. To which she has become obsessed with it. We actually lost the first pair of trousers some how so i had to get her another pair. Most days she asks for her ‘cat clothes’. To be far I don’t blame her it does look super comfy.


On our latest visit to H&M i also got her the unicorm matching trousers and jumper so it will be interesting to see if her cat set now gets demoted to secound best.

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