Autumn Feels – WhatMyKidWoreWednesday

This week we went for our first autumn walk. There was a chill in the air, leaves on the floor and Olivia totally looked the part. (Spot the lolly bribery to keep her still)

Her whole outfit this week is from Next. I just love this gilet which is why she has pretty much lived in it since i brought it. I would love one for myself but so far haven’t been successful in finding one.

Her little jumper is perfect with the cowl neck isn’t to thick which means she doesn’t get to hot when running around. I think this colour really suits her and makes her eyes pop.

An added bonus is that it also goes with her monster wellies. These are her go to footwear at the moment. As well as the funky design i think its because she can put them on and off herself easily.

Im so glad that i finally got my hands on some clothes in these colours. Autumn is definitely my favourite season to dress Olivia. The colours compliment her complexion perfectly.

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