Blogtober Day 18: Take Some Time For You – 7 Ways to Unwind

Us parents hardly get any time to ourselves.

Whether your a working mum, SAHM, WAHM, single, divorced, married, have one child or five being a parent is hard work. It doesn’t matter how much you love those little people you created sometimes they will push you over the edge. We all have so much to juggle, and people that rely on us. Sometimes it’s hard to keep all of the plates spinning at once. It’s so easy to put yourself last. But if you do that for long enough it will soon end up all getting to much. Its so important to take some time for you, to unwind and relax.

I’ve made a simple list of 7 ways to unwind. Some you can make time for every day and some that will need a bit more planning. If you make time for a least on once a week you will feel much better for it.

#1 Have a soak in the bath

Not just any kind of bath. But a nice warm bubble bath. You need to make the most out of clearing the bath of all the toys after all. You can either get the other half to entertain the children for half an hour or wait until they have gone to bed. Light some candles, pour yourself a drink and indulge in your favourite products. Why not even take a book with you.

#2 Have an early night 

The jobs can wait another day. Nothing bad is going to happen if the washing hasn’t been put away.

#3 Loose yourself in a book 

I’ve always been a bit of a book worm. Although i don’t seem to get through them very quickly except when holiday. Every night i read in bed. Its the perfect way to unwind after a long day. Even if you only manager 10 minutes.

#4 Enjoy a pamper session 

Whether its a trip to the nail salon, hairdressers, the spa or a home pamper session make some time for you. I’ve not managed to visit the spa since having Olivia but I’ve previously enjoyed a range of different treatments. Maybe ask for vouchers for Christmas or your next birthday. If your really lucky you may even be able to make a day of it.

#5 Enjoy a date night

Its so easy to get stuck in a rut and loose sight of each other. When you have children everything revolves around them. No matter how hard you try to avoid it. So it’s really important that you make time for each other.

#6 Exercise 

I always think up excuses to avoid going for a run. But when i do go i feel so much better afterwards. Theres nothing better than exercise to clear your head and work off your frustrations.

#7 Watch your Favourite Film/Drama/Series

Sometimes there is nothing better than curling up on the sofa with a cosy blanket to enjoy your favourite film or binge watch you favourite series.


Do you have any great ways to unwind that i have missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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