Blogtoder Day 16 – Claustrophobia and Me

Claustrophobia is something that sneaks up on me every now again. It’s not actually the small spaces that bother as such its the not being able to get out.

Lifts don’t bother me, especially since having Olivia as there’s no way when she was younger i could carry her pram up and down flights of stairs. Tunnels however are a whole different story. Whether its a tunnel at soft play or a tunnel I’m driving through.

At soft play I try my hardest to avoid them. If i can see the way is clear i will quickly run through but my worst nightmare would be to get stuck the part the way by someone coming the opposite way.

Its the same in the car if the traffic is moving its not a problem at all. But when there’s traffic jam and I’m stuck in a tunnel i start to panic. Sitting there frantically looking out for the emergency exits anything disastrous that could possible happen is running through my head.

I think I’m quite lucky that my fear isn’t something that i could come across at time during the day. What are your phobias?

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