Blogtober Day 6 – Flower Experiment

This week i have started to make more of a conscious effort to do different activities at home with Olivia each night. I do loads of different types of activities at work but always just stick to Olivia’s favourites at home.

This week we tried a little flower experiment. This activity is great for teaching children all about plants and flowers,

You Will Need

White flowers

Food Colouring

Vases, glasses or pots



Start off by trimming the flowers so that they fit nicely into whatever vase or glass that you are using. Test tubes are perfect but not everyday has them at home. Giving the flowers a fresh cut will also help them to absorb the coloured water quicker.

Fill your vases with your desired amount of stare and then add a few drops of food colouring and a flower to each of the vases.

flower experiment

Talk about what you think will happen to the flowers. Older children can even write their predictions down to look back at. Then place the flowers into a sunny spot.

Over the next few days, check back on your flowers. As they drink the water the different colours should start to show in their petals.

The longer the flowers are left in the water the more the colours should be visible.


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