Blogtober Day 4 – Autumn Date Ideas

Spending time with my husband is very important to me. We hardly ever go out for date nights. I can’t actually remember the last time that we did, it was that long ago. Although its nice to leave the four walls of the house, home dates can be just as good.

I’ve put together a list of Autumn Date ideas. Do you have any other ideas of your own?


It’s time to dust off the tent and head out for an adventure. There are so many places you can Wild Camp. The general rules are that you only stay for one night, are out of sight of the road, you don’t light any fires and you leave the place as you found it.

Go For a Bike Ride Together

Whenever we visit hide park I say about going for a bike ride next when we are more suitably dressed. But next time has never happened.

Autumn Picnic 

Wrap up warm, fill up a flask with soup, grab some rolls and head off to a pretty park for an Autumnal picnic

Recreate a Special Meal Together 

Whether its the meal from your first date, your wedding breakfast or anniversary. Make it at home before enjoying with candles and a glass of nice wine.

Watch the Sunrise 

Wake up early, grab a hot chocolate and watch the sunrise together. The further into Autumn we get the later you have to wake up.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

Instead of getting made up for a fancy meal dig out the wellies and head to the local pumpkin patch. You can then carry the fun on when you get home and carve the pumpkins together.

Games Night 

You can either dig out he boards games or let your inner child out on the games console. Have a bit of fun and see who is the most competitive.

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